11 December 2007


When I've got a new battery for the camera, I'll be able to post some pics. I've finished off some old paintings that've been hanging around for far too long. I've done a couple of new ones, one of which I'm very happy with but the other won't ever see the light of day.

The big painting I had planned has turned into a series of small paintings, portraits no less, and I've made inroads on the first of these. Come the end of the week I've three weeks of glorious freedom and hope to get a few more done during that time.

I still want to do a big painting, mainly for the opportunity for broad gestures, using the whole of my arm, but I want to make sure I've got enough to show before playing around. I have visions of blithely embarking on a big painting, sadly losing my way, and ending up with nothing.

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