15 July 2008


So there were a few things I couldn't find after moving: raincoat, pins, red oil paint, watercolour paper, and the original first draft of my comic. The missing comic is a little annoying, but at least I stashed scans of it on this blog. The red oil paint was in a box with the other oil paints, and that box was in another box. When I opened them up, everything else was there except the red (very strange). I went and bought some more pins to replace the missing pins, and now the replacements have gone missing as well. If I were paranoid, I'd think someone was deliberately messing with my head.

Oh yeah, I am paranoid, and someone is deliberately messing with my head.


artandmylife said...

I have a theory that small items are "beamed up" for scanning and then put back at a later date (they seem to need a lot of copies of my car keys though) or 'they" just like messing with people. My kids have a DVD about "The Lost City" where everything you lose goes. I like they play on words there and I quite like the idea

David Cauchi said...

We reckon there's someone living in the attic. Either that or there's slippage between parallel worlds.

More prosaically, the good news is that Rose found my pins for me. It was a classic case of domestic blindness.

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