21 July 2008

Fuck you all

I am drinking beer and listening to The Fall.

Fuck you anonymous commentator who didn't like the fly and didn't get it. Fuck you death threat.

Fuck you all.

'It's a business line not a chat line. It's Fall Sound!'

And I'm liking that Ransome painting quite a lot. I did that.


artandmylife said...

fair enough (the fall are good though). Ransome is good. The men in fez are good

Where does one get an original D Cauchi?

stephen said...

I like the fly, but I don't think I get it.

Fuck my luck.

David Cauchi said...

The email alerts for these comments went straight to the spam folder. I can't imagine why!

One gets an original D Cauchi at the show he is having at the Thermostat Gallery in Palmerston North in September.

There's not a lot to get with the fly. It's a minor jokey work. One point of it was that the image and title are two equivalent versions of the same sentence.

Anonymous said...

exactly what i thought! i ldo ove that paintng. I hope you will exhibit it. stop being so nasty to us Anonymous persons. It is discriminating. have a nice day.

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