27 July 2008

More films

Klaus more than lived up to expectations. His delivery of the line 'Do unto others...' needs to be seen to be believed.

Yesterday, we went to Funny games, which was really good. Full on, but well worth it. The preppy game-playing psychos were perfectly cast. The opening credits said it all. You have the nice perfect middle-class couple playing a game trying to guess the nice classical music the other's put on, and then when the credits start full on metal Naked City erupt in over the top of it.

Today was We can not exist in this world alone [sic]. There were two directors, with five films each. I liked one of them, and very much disliked the other.

I'd forgotten about these two when listing the films I was going to earlier. Unfortunately, it puts me over ten in all. I'm really trying to cut down on the amount I go to. In previous years, I've gone to as many as 30, which is a ridiculous amount in two weeks. It means you can't properly appreciate them. There's no space around them in which to reflect. It's like going to a really good restaurant, ordering lots of really nice food, and then having a speed eating contest.


Rose said...

Yes, but for a lot of these films, it's the only chance to ever see them. That's my reason for getting along to as many as I can. And, for most films, the big screen beats a DVD at home hands-down.

David Cauchi said...

Those are both good points, and why I've gone to so many in previous years. But this year I'm really enjoying having some space around the few things I'm seeing. It's nice not having my memories of a particular film get all jumbled up with another two or three, which is what happened when I went to several each day.

Each to their own.

BR said...

I just returned from wandering about your part of the world with 1/2 of the film program in question (WE CAN NOT EXIST), and I'm curious to know the whys of your likes and dislikes, if you don't mind sharing them. Enquiring minds...

David Cauchi said...

They're so cold, these scholars!

May lightning strike their food so that their mouths learn how to eat fire!

Rose said...

Nicely said. I enjoyed the work of the two filmmakers in We can not exist in this work alone, but definitely Ben Rivers' work over Russell's (by a long shot). There was heart in Rivers' films - Russell's work was technically interesting, but I never "felt" anything. They were visually interesting, but lacked depth, I thought. Rivers' films made me smile inside. There was an abundance of humanity. Russells' work sit happily in a gallery situation, whereas I can see Rivers' works happily situated in a gallery or at a film festival.

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