24 August 2011

If I were completely insane

I would, next year when this Massey bollocks is finally finished, set up the Common-Sense Nihilist Party as a charitable organisation with an educational purpose and take on apprentices in my workshop, a common-sense nihilist painting school.

It would be run along strict early Renaissance lines (adapted for the context), which I think I understand well enough to replicate. You would start as a novice and pass degrees until graduating as a 3rd degree master.

To pass as such, you would of course have to be better than me, do things I cannot do. As Leonardo said, 'It is a poor master whose students do not surpass him,' which, as he well realised, was a sad indictment on himself. That's what you get when you dick around.

Luckily, though, I am not completely insane.

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stephen said...

No, you would be COMPLETELY insane if you tried for and gained NZQA accreditation meaning that, for instance, I could apply for a student loan to attend your school.

That would be completely insane.


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