12 August 2011

Massey update

I bumped into a friend the other day, and he hassled me for not updating what's going on at Massey here. 'They censored you, eh?' he said with a grin.

I pointed out that I've simply been mad busy. And, to their credit, that they haven't tried to censor me. I don't actually see how they could even if they wanted to.

I have had a couple of meetings to sort out supervision bizzo. It turns out one of my supervisors has been very ill, which I wish I knew about earlier. They've roped in an art historian from outside to help me with my writing, cos I need it.

I am very focused now on coming out of this debacle with the book I went into it for in the first place.

The conversation with the art historian was pretty amusing. It started with him sitting me down and carefully clarifying my intent: 'If you're just taking the piss, I don't want to be involved.' I said that, while there was a strong element of parody there, certainly, I want to present serious, academically rigorous arguments (hence the need for help). He said sternly, 'You can't have both!' I answered like a petulant child: 'But I want to have both!'

I am serious about not being serious!

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