26 August 2011

Sick of it

I am sick of how difficult it is simply trying to live your life as an independent human being trying to do something worthwhile with that life, surrounded by fucking morons.

Sure, there could be reincarnation or some other kind of afterlife, but I sincerely doubt it. And in any case, you can't count on it.

All you can be sure you have is the life you have now, and of that life it is the work you do that matters, not the lifestyle you lead, despite what the marketers tell you.

But it is so fucking hard doing something worthwhile. Every single step, there is some idiotic cunt standing there with some stupidly smug idiotic suggestion or objection.

Clueless motherfuckers, fuck off.

If you have nothing to say, shut the fuck up and get out of my way.

I should stop being so earnest.


Anonymous said...

sigh - try living in Levin. Makes you yearn for the fUTURISTS and their 'war as social hygiene'.

So many latrine filling idiots.

David Cauchi said...

Ha ha, I don't give a fuck about social hygiene. I've nothing against people living their lives, except when it interferes with me living mine.

And, no, I'm not going to try living in Levin! I haven't even managed visiting.

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