14 August 2011

Lech Majewski's The mill and the cross

I strongly encourage you to see this film. It's based on the book The mill and the cross by the art historian Michael Francis Gibson, which I very much want to read (get back up there, dollar!).

It's the old gnostic heretic story of Jesus as representative of a distant, detached god who can only set things in motion and then watch as they play out. Jesus is of course against the established authority of this corrupt world, who rule because ordinary people going about our lives (that's you and me, people, just in case there was any doubt (well, actually, I don't know about you)) ignore what's going on.

Conspicuously absent from this story, and quite rightly so, is the resurrection. As Charlotte Rampling, playing Mary, says repeatedly: 'Nothing's going to happen.'

That is because, even if there were an underlying reality behind this world of appearances, it is logically impossible for there to be any connection between them.

I love that idea of the mill, perched up high there in the distance. Fuck it's good. Let's not go into quibbles about how the machinery operates.

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