07 April 2004

More links

Another link from RandomURL: the WebCollage.

The explanation reads in part:

'This is what the Internet looks like.

'WebCollage is a program that creates collages out of random images found on the Web. More images are being added to the collage about once a minute, so this page will reload itself periodically. Clicking on one of the images in the collage will take you to the page on which it was found.

'It finds the images by feeding random words into various search engines, and pulling images (or sections of images) out of the pages returned.'

It's strangely addictive.

RandomURL and BoingBoing both provide links to Seinfeld and Superman's American Express ad, which I've also had emailed to me. For some reason it doesn't seem to work for me though. I'm probably neglecting something blindingly obvious (I tend to do that).

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