23 April 2004

Possum fur nipple warmers

Very funny, BoingBoing has discovered our very own possum fur nipple warmers.

It's all the fault of those bloody early settlers, bringing in possums, rabbits, deer, gorse, etc. The only mammal native to New Zealand is a bat (New Zealand used to be a bird paradise - home to not only the moa but also the world's largest eagle). The Maori brought kiore (rats) and kuri (dogs). They burnt large amounts of bush, and hunted the moa (and possibly Harpagornis - seeing as it preyed on large flightless bipeds, it could've been a threat) to extinction. But by far the most damage was done by Europeans, who burnt shitloads more bush and introduced shitloads more pests - probably the worst of which was the possum.

So buy your possum fur nipple warmers with a clear conscience. Trapping them's heaps better than poisoning them.

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