30 April 2004

Peter Robinson opening

I went to a Peter Robinson opening at Peter McLeavey's last night. The show's recent sculpture - two large polyurethane shapes (one in each room), each with an eyeball and a smoke. The larger one is shaped like a turd (or hotdog) going through a doughnut, the smaller like a cross between a Guston bean-head and some bollocks. I took some sneaky photos with my phone, and I might stick them up on the old website if I get a chance. (I've been thinking of adding a photo gallery type thing to the rather boring as it stands Bio page anyway.)

All the wankers were out in force, which was kind of funny to watch. It got pretty full at one stage. This made fighting your way through the crowd to get another beer a pain in the ass. I nearly took out one of the smokes with my arm as I brushed past. Luckily it seemed okay. Breaking the $27,000 sculpture would've been a bit of a bummer.

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