20 April 2004


I think my preparations for this Thermostat show are pretty sussed. I've sorted out what I'm going to put in (12 Skeleton Guys, basically all of these ones except for Self-portrait leaning on chair), how I'm going to arrange them, and what price I'm going to put on them.

Matt came round today, and we also sussed out the layout of the catalogue we're doing. There'll be seven pages of images and some text at the start. Rose is getting quotes on how much it'll cost to get printed. She suggested getting the cover screenprinted with white text on black stock, but that will probably be too expensive. With any luck we'll be able to wrap that sucker up pretty soon as well.

That only leaves the index to get sussed. I'm making steady progress, but it's slow going. The Word file of the old index (which I'm updating for the new edition of the book) is 71 pages long. That's bloody large. I've managed to grovel some extra time, but it'll still be a mission to get it done.

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