25 April 2004


I've had the same email address for about seven or eight years now and have been indiscrete enough to leave it on various websites round the place. This means I get bucketloads of spam. Just now I got this:

'Sir or Madam:

'Thank you for your mor tg age application, which we received yesterday.
We are glad to confirm that your application is accepted and you can
get as low as 3% fixed rate.

'Could we ask you to please fill out final details we need to complete
you here [a link I didn't go to so can't provide].

'We look forward to hearing from you.

'Yours sincerely,
Ronald Mims
Mor tg age Broker Association.'

(Yes, those spaces are in the original.) A pathetic effort. You'll have do do a whole lot better than that Mr Mims.

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