12 September 2009


What you are looking at here used to be a tribute to Ian Curtis and an important part of Wellington's heritage. I can remember when it first appeared. Considering all the changes to Wellington since the early 80s, it's been a nice bit of continuity.

It's been there (sort of) since soon after Curtis died, and some stupid cunt from the council has painted it over. Fucking petty officials and their narrow minds. They should be ashamed of themselves but no doubt lack the imagination to do so. Using my intertemporal avant-garde art powers, I have put a black magic curse on them.

If you look closely, you can see what was there: 'Ian Curtis 1960–1980 [sic] RIP Walk in silence'. It's even mentioned on Curtis's wikipedia page.

I am fairly confident it will reappear.


stephen said...

There's a picture here: http://static.stuff.co.nz/1252662764/049/2857049.jpg

Pleasingly, at some point somebody actually corrected the dates, which was good because it used to drive me nuts.

David Cauchi said...

Yeah, except he was born in 1956.

stephen said...

That's what it sez!

Anonymous said...

The message is repainted whenever it is painted over (Wikipedia)

stephen said...

It's been chalked back as of this morning. Unfortunately the chalker(s) have got the date wrong again, in that he would have been 14 when he died.

Probably worth a quick snap (hint hint).

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