14 September 2009

Crit week

It's crit week at Massey this week. They've been making a big deal of this, and saying it should be our top priority. They've even got people from outside Massey to come along and take part.

I thought I'd jacked up taking people up to the Adam for mine, but it fell through at the last moment for not very convincing reasons. I'm not very happy about it at all. Instead I showed working drawings in my studio and tried to describe what I'm doing. It was very unsatisfactory. The only good thing to come out of it was that I got a gratifyingly hostile response from one person. He seemed genuinely angry. He also came out with the classic quote 'You have nothing to say except nihilism!' Brilliant! That's going on the wall.

I'm really surprised that going elsewhere to look at a site-specific work was such a hassle in the first place. I thought they'd be used to it and be able to take it in their stride. But no, it seems they can only handle traditional studio-based work. It's been a whole lot of palaver trying to organise it, and then to have the kaibosh put on it at the last minute... No sir, I'm not happy. What a waste of time.


stephen said...

Be nice to the undergrads, Cauchi!

No. 0003 said...

No matter who you vote for the system always wins.

Lil Twister said...

sci-fi and sound art doesn't please at crit week either.

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