09 September 2009

Fun in the loos

Yeah, so I'm not a very good photographer. Good thing too. If you want to see it properly, you'll have to go to the Adam. It opened to the public yesterday.

(The first version of this post was a bit sweary. What was meant to be a vigorous exhortation to go up to the Adam came across as unnecessarily abusive. Well, I was pretty drunk.)

Speaking of unnecessary abuse, I was standing at the bus stop to go up there yesterday. Some random stranger at the bus stop pointed to the cigarette in my hand and said 'That's why you're dying of cancer.' I answered with a cheery 'Hopefully!' He said, 'You should treat your body like a temple.' I said, 'Ha! The opposite more like.' Then he started abusing me, so I abused him back. I think I won.

However, that's not a contender for quote of the day. One tour party of little old ladies checked out what I was doing. One of them said, 'If I had that in my bathroom, I'd never be constipated again.' I didn't have an answer to that.

Runner up goes to Kim Pieters: 'Wellington people are like Dunedin people, only happier.'


artandmylife said...

Love your work - as always. And I agree with Kim (but might not be as kind about it)

David Cauchi said...


I didn't go up there today cos I had stuff to do at school. I will go back tomorrow to start in on the other loo. Hopefully, I'll have more pics tomorrow night.

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