22 September 2009


Yeah, the party at the Adam on Saturday was fun. I didn't quite manage to drink enough to pass out in the toilets, but I had a good go. I was hampered by the hangover from our flatmate's birthday do the night before.

I wore my suit to the party. Jeena made a very good case for ripping the 'most difficult' patch off the sleeve and giving it to her, the justice of which I could not deny. But I resisted. I was a little disappointed with the quality of the responses on the toilet wall. Writing 'I agree' next to 'David Cauchi is a crap artist' is a pretty pathetic effort, I reckon. I thought at least one person would get a good hit in. Pah!

Since Saturday, I've been trying to get over the Stockholm syndrome of the last couple of weeks and focus on what's coming up. I've got four writing projects to do in as many weeks. Three of them are for school, but one is for something else, and I'd like that one in particular to be okay.

I might put some photos I took of the other people installing their works up soon, but in the meantime there are some on the Adam website.

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