08 March 2004

Art on the telly

Sky digital subscribers can check out the new arts channel on channel 59. There doesn't seem to be much in the way of visual arts stuff on it. I missed last Saturday's visual arts feature (being at LKJ and all), but might watch next Saturday's doco on the infamous Degenerate Art exhibition. The channel's being broadcast free during March, but you need to subscribe after that. I'm not sure yet if I will.

I thought, what with the Charter and all, that TV One would start making and showing some good docos on New Zealand artists. They can be done. The Profiles one on Tony Fomison from the early 80s I got out from the library a while ago was great. But no, it's just seems to be the same steady diet of crap.

Oh well, bugger the telly. There's plenty of good stuff on the old Internet after all.

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