16 March 2004

Painting again

I'm about to get stuck into doing some painting again. I've been a bit slack recently. I've got a couple to finish off and then some new canvases to gesso up, ready for the next bout. I think they'll be yet more Skeleton Guy ones. I am starting to think about what I'm going to do next, though I think I need to do some more Skeleton Guys in order to have a large pool of them to pick from for this group show that's rapidly approaching. I don't know though. I'm quite keen to do something different. Decisions, decisions.

I was thinking of having some Illuminati Guy and some Skeleton Guy paintings in it for a while, but nixed that idea in favour of just Skeleton Guys quite a while ago. I've got enough of them now if needs be, but it's always nice to have the options - even though the earlier ones tend to be better than the more recent ones. There's a couple in the most recent batch that aren't too bad and that might make the cut.

I'm really not too sure what's next on the agenda though. I've a couple of ideas, but nothing firm. Someone made some comment to me on a mailing list I'm on about my having not just a chip on my shoulder but a whole field of potatoes. I thought that was really funny, and immediately wanted to do a painting of a shoulder with a pottle of chips on it. I wouldn't want to do a series of things like that - the joke'd wear thin really quick. Maybe I should just do a Clayton's series - the series you're having when you're not having a series - a string of completely unrelated paintings. (Now there's a reference that dates me!)

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