24 March 2004


Ben's opening was good. Lots of people showed up. He sold six, with options on three others. Got to love those little red dots. Rose bought a couple of Stuart Forsyth paintings (he's showing at the Bowen Gallery - they share the space).

The group show at Janne's was a much more low key affair. It's new work in stock, so I suppose people think the opening isn't such a big deal. Matt's work looked great. I also liked the Helm Ruifrok, which reminded me a lot of Leonardo's studies of Leda's head (the painting doesn't actually look anything like that - it's the elaborate hairstyle that reminded me of it I think). Another stand-out was Peter Ireland's 'Landscape Sampler', which was a circular oil on paper copy of a Fox painting with 'TANZA' written across it - a note next to it said that TANZA was the first NZ record company. It stands for 'To Assist New Zealand Artists'. I was very tempted by it.

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