30 March 2004

Skeleton Guy rides again

Rose's daughter Chloe asked her, 'How long is he going to keep on painting skeletons for?' The quick answer is a bit longer yet. I'm not bored with them yet.

As well as doing new ones, I've been quite successful in rescuing ones I thought I'd completely fucked up. There's only one that might be a total dead loss. That one I might have to redo from scratch (it's just the execution that I screwed up - the idea and composition are fine).

It's a funny thing. I've probably said this before, but several of the ones I initially thought were pretty crap have grown on me. Sometimes you just have to give it a bit of time and come back with a fresh eye. Getting other people's opinions can help too (though at other times other people's opinions can be something of a hindrance).

I'm having fun with the family crest in one of the new ones, replacing Neptune with (surprise, surprise) a Skeleton Guy.

I'm not sure what to call them. I am tempted by 'Untitled (Skeleton Guy) No 1' etc, but don't know. Titles can be a big influence on the viewer's interpretation of a work, so maybe something to give the viewer a prod in a certain direction might be the go. I've no idea what though.

The old website update hasn't made much progress. I've got to take photos and tidy them up, which I get the feeling might be a somewhat time-consuming process (me being so technically inept). The weekend was a bit of a washout on that score. I had hoped to get started then. Rose had drinks to farewell her old office on Saturday night (yet another excuse for a day off the non-drinking thing - the excuses have been coming pretty thick and fast), and that was pretty much that.

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