31 July 2005

And that's it for another year

Friday was Czech Dream, about two film students who use a Mininstry of Culture grant to stage a huge advertising campaign for a fictitious supermarket. As a couple of thousand people gathered in a meadow for the opening you wonder how they'll react when they discover the deception. Lots of them made the link with the advertising campaign the government were running for a yes vote to joining the EU - trying to sell a product that doesn't exist. Given the current election campaign, it was a very timely film indeed.

Saturday was Kekexili: Mountain Patrol, which was preceded by Tama Tu. This was another film with no dialogue (except for a karakia in te reo) that worked really well. We also had Occupation: Dreamland.

And then, finally, today we had some short films by Bill Morrison (some hits and some misses - the misses were ones that had originally been made to be part of a larger production), another programme of experimental films called Inside/Out (mostly hits), and Jim Jarmusch's latest Broken Flowers - the perfect end to another bloody good festival.

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