03 July 2005

This and that

I sent off my entry for the Trust Waikato National Contemporary Art Awards last week. I decided to put the cards in, being the only thing I've done recently that I'm happy with. We'll see how we go.

I haven't had a very productive week apart from that though. This weekend's been a bit of a write off. I've been watching lots of classic Emma Peel-era Avengers episodes and really getting into that.

At the moment I'm sitting in front of the fire and wondering what to do about the horrible smell. I wasn't very on to it just before and put the coffee pot on the stove without any water in it, so have managed to comprehensively fuck the coffee pot and stink out the house in one fell swoop - and I've got to put up with a crap plunger coffee to boot.

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Rusty said...

Some of my fondest childhood and even adult memories include Mrs. Peel. Nice deck of cards.

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