25 July 2005

And yet more films

Okay, quick run down on last week's other films. There was 3-Iron, which had virtually no dialogue. All the main characters' interactions were conveyed visually. It was really effective and a very nice film. No surprise the director's a painter. There was Pin Boy, which I pretty much entirely slept through. Then there was Late Bloomer, which was about a disabled guy turned serial killer and was brilliant. It kind of reminded me of Tetsuo: The Ironman in style. The director came out for that one, and there was a good Q and A afterwards. The reaction to Rose's question as to what the main actor thought of the film was interesting. On Saturday I went to Fiction Artists, which is easily my favourite so far and a bloody funny exposure of romantic artist cliches, and Godzilla Final Wars. Then on Sunday there was Grizzly Man and In the Realms of the Unreal. The last two were both documentaries about people who retreated from the modern world in their own way. The Werner Herzog one on Timothy Treadwell was a stunningly well made doco, but the Henry Darger one on the other hand only had the intrinsic interest of its subject matter - the actual work - going for it.

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