19 July 2005

A couple more films

At midday on Sunday we went to Delamu, which is a serious rival for best so far. Then, for a nice bit of contrast, that evening we had The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse.

I didn't go to anything last night, even though I had ticket, cos I was in a really horribly foul mood (I hate my job, and the painting has been going particularly badly). Tonight, however, we went to World Mirror Cinema. This was a nice idea that was badly executed. It probably should have been much shorter. Five minutes after it started you realised what you were in for for the next hour and a half - a street scene outside a cinema, then it repeats and zooms in on various people, each time cutting to some other film where someone bears a (sometimes highly) superficial similarity or tenuous visual connection to the person zoomed in on before returning to the street to zoom in on someone else. It did this for three different street scenes. It was too long and too loose. Some of the footage was intrinsically interesting, but it being decontextualised to construct a fiction detracted from that somewhat.

I also thought it raised some ethical problems. It's using actual footage of actual people and constructing fictional lives for them using actual footage of other actual people, which strikes me as really dodgy.

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