29 July 2005

Yet more bloody films

Monday night was Sorceress of the New Piano, about avant-garde pianist Margaret Leng Tan, who was a protege of sorts of John Cage. Before the film we were treated to a toy piano performance by her, which was truly amazing. There was a Q and A afterwards as well. She's really engaging, and her enthusiasm for what she does is really infectious.

On Tuesday we had Werner Herzog's The White Diamond, another documentary about another obsessive (again with a death at the centre of it). Mark Anthony, a local Rasta guy who helped them out, stole the show. At one point Werner asks him if he sees the universe in a raindrop (it makes sense in context), and Mark Anthony turns to him and says, 'I cannot hear the words you say for the thunder that you are.'

On Wednesday was The Devil and Daniel Johnston (also check out the film's website and this Daniel Johnston website), which is the film I was really hanging out to see. I've been a big fan of Dan's since the late 80s, so this was a real treat.

Last night we went to The Wayward Cloud, which was vile.

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