17 August 2009

Another boring post about school

We had a workshop on framing this arvo. I was the only person to show up.

I think we've pretty much got this stupid group project done. It's really been doing my head in. It strikes me as make-work, to get the little bastards who aren't doing much actually doing something. From my point of view, it's been a dead-end waste of time that's distracted me from my own work.

I've got another assignment to do – an annotated bibliography and literature review of all things – that will require some time and thought, but apart from that I think I can just get stuck into doing some drawings. I may not post them on here though.

I've had a couple of interesting conversations about the dangers of recuperation recently. I'm a bit worried that Massey is winning but am not sure what to do about it. One of the problems is that I like the tutors. As Rose put it, 'You've got to know them as people and can't just treat them as cardboard cut-outs any more.' Damnit. I reckon the thing to do is not worry about it too much. After all, the whole point of this art lark is to amuse and enjoy myself. Fuck what anyone else thinks.

At the moment, I'm very much enjoying doing line drawings (the more derivative, the better!). I don't really distinguish between painting and drawing. Piero della Francesca, abstractionist that he was, defined painting as lines and colour on a flat surface. I think you can dispense with the colour part of it, unless you count the black of the line as colour. I suppose you probably should. I did start a largish abstract painting but have abandoned it, at least for the meanwhile. It was boring.

In other news, I've quit Can't Play Won't Play.


stephen said...

You can't "quit" Can't Play Won't Play.

You ARE Can't Play Won't Play!

David Cauchi said...

Hmm, a solo project perhaps – 'I AM Can't Play Won't Play'.

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