20 August 2009

Underground musician takes on the IRD

Mick Elborado, underground musician who's played with such luminaries as the Axemen, the Terminals, and Spacedust, and who's supported this by working at the IRD for a long time, couldn't take it any more and drove his car into the Christchurch IRD office. You can read his reasons for doing so here.

I've stolen the pics from the Axemen blog. Click that link for more.


stephen said...

Today's paper reports that the building doesn't belong to IRD and that the owner will be after Mick for the full cost of damages. This is an unfortunate turn of events.

David Cauchi said...

The cunt.

Doesn't surprise me at all. This is the way the world works. They fuck you over every way they can.

Though IRD really should have disgruntled employee insurance.

melbo said...

If the building owner can get me a job I'll pay it off. Unlike management at IR I take responsibility for my actions.

I'm guessing that BO'll just get higher insurance premiums though. Me not being any kind of deity it isn't an act of god, and if it was a hit and run or a drunk driver or passerby I assume there'd've been insurance coverage of some kind-ah.

David Cauchi said...

Instead of a job, I reckon you just set up a cake stall in front of the building – with a big sign saying 'All proceeds to the capitalist building owner'.

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