23 December 2005

Back in the world (sort of)

Rose came and picked me up this morning. An unexpected visitor, setting off the car alarm inadvertently, and a guy having pump rage behind me while we were getting petrol on the way back have not helped. Neither did leaving stuff behind and forgetting to do other things. Needless to say I haven't even thought about doing Xmas shopping till I was confronted with the tree in the corner (this is what happens when I'm not here to maintain ideological rigour). I don't think I can face the madness that town will be either, so will just have to incur yet more utu obligations.


paintergirl said...

David, what is pump rage? I would turn this into something very naughty but it's not appropriate, and apparently I do this too much so I have to stop.

I'm sure everyone is happy to have you back for xmas. Gift giving should be done at other times of the year, and not place so much pressure for this one BIG day. It will be a relief once it's all over.

David said...

Ha, very funny - 'work, damn you, work!'

What I meant was the petrol pump equivalent of road rage. The servo was hectic, so he pulled in right behind us but the hose for the diesel wouldn't reach or something so he did his nut.

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