24 December 2005

Here's to a consumerist frenzy based on a Christian myth slopped on top of a pagan ritual

Sun going down through the Pohutukawa tree in the back garden where we had dinner:

The wild beast enjoys her spoils:


Lilly said...

Awww, she looks adorable, David :-)

David said...

Look at the local NZ time you got. Snazzy.

paintergirl said...

A fire tree...so beautiful.

As a friend of mine just told me-
We need to put the x back in xmas.

I told him I'll steal a baby jesus out of someones frontyard manger scene.

By the time you read this it will be Christmas. Hope you and Rose have a peaceful day.

Laika truly does want a chew toy rather than yule logs.

joseluis said...

happy christmas david

Lilly said...

Yup, I sat here and waited for ages, waiting to click "Login and Publish" just so I could get that local NZ time stamp on my post ;-)

I wonder how far ahead of me you guys are -- timewise I mean -- 11 or 12 hours possibly....

Lilly said...

ELEVEN HOURS! Wow -- I just checked.

David said...

PG: Oh that's not a chew toy - it's a dismembered piece of some unfortunate farm animal. Rose has her on a diet that's meant to be like prey. It even includes veges blended with warm water to replicate the stomach contents.

Looking forward to seeing your stolen baby jesus, ho, ho.

JL: Cheers mate, and I hope you have a productive and worthwhile new year (that goes for everybody in fact).

L: I think it should properly be 12 hours, but daylight saving stuffs it up.

Lilly said...

Ok -- cheers, David. I looked at this little map in the back of my journal with all the time zones drawn onto it.

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