20 December 2005

Start the programming now...

I found this in my sketchbook, which I'd been meaning to do for Ben's 1 yo twins' room for some time, and today seemed ideal, seeing as I can just leave it here and all. It's called Word painting (ABC):

And to use the title of this post in a completely different sense, check out Simon Sweetman's blog.


Lilly said...

I love it!! :-D

[this is the word verification for this comment: jotpsoix]

paintergirl said...

A is for anarchist..this is what makes you very special David.

David said...

Ta muchly the both of you.

The word verification for this one is sacmcrhf. I'm tempted to send Ben a text saying that in a fit of madness I've burned his Xmas tree and decorated his ute instead.

I'm definitely going to annotate the list of instructions.

stephen said...

You should definitely not burn his christmas tree, but you should definitely send him that txt.

And feel free to decorate his ute ;)

stephen said...

What about:

A is for Anarcho-syndicalist
B is for Burroughs
C is for Control

Or even better, A is for Antidisestablishmentarian!

What fun.

Rose said...

antidisestablishmentarianism used to be my favourite word as a child. although I had no idea what it meant - i just thought it sounded pretty cool.

word verification: xngwmso

Lilly said...

That IS a brilliant word. I'll see if I can remember that one ;-)


Lilly said...

[I had to post something because the W.V. is jaqkp written in beautiful bold green letters (lower case) - they caught my eyes straight away].

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