15 December 2005

The views from the hill next to my olds' place...

This hill here in fact:

On the way up. Looking out:

Looking down:

Looking back at the entrance to Porirua harbour:

At the top. The entrance to Titahi Bay:

Mana Island:

The Marlborough Sounds are off there in the distance.

On a vaguely related note, the effects of the new pills are quite different than the old ones. At first I was a real zombie - couldn't read, couldn't draw - but that's been getting better. I tried posting a couple of days ago but couldn't.

I get these full on panic attacks but (brought on by any kind of stress it seems, even the smallest amount). My hands shake heaps, my heart races, I get all confused, and I can't remember anything. It doesn't help that the vast majority of human beings seem to be selfish assholes.

Oh, and for boring technical reasons I can receive email okay, but sending it is a real pain. There's an easy fix I think, but I'm not up to working it out at the moment.


Lilly said...

THAT IS A SPECTACULAR VIEW!!! Wow!! I cannot quite get into my head that you're surrounded by such beautiful scenery. Do bear in mind, though, that I come from and live in a country where we do not have mountains!! [Scotland too blew me totally away when I lived there...]





Listen, David, look after yourself -- and take it easy. I really hope those new pills will give you the intended effect/relief. Good luck, mate :-)

Unfortunately, you are so right when claiming that the vast majority of human beings seem to be selfish assholes. Indeed. The world is full of arseholes. Hope you manage to avoid most of them :-)

paintergirl said...

Wowie zowie is right!! I live near mountains but miss the ocean so much. Very beautiful place.

Oh the panic attacks...how I hated them. I don't even know how they stopped, but they did.

David said...

I went for a walk up there again today to have a gander in different light. Being braindead, however, I managed to sit in the sun watching the young seagulls learn to fly for far too long - during the exact period from 11 to 1 that they tell you to avoid.

No mountains in Denmark? No ocean for paintergirl? Those're concepts I can't get my head around.

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