27 December 2005

My consciousness returns like a bloated corpse to shore

She's been a full on couple of days. Not all bad, even pleasant moments here and there, but I'm beginning to suspect the gods are conspiring to drive me completely insane - one thing after another, it's unbelievable. There's been synchronicity aplenty and a few bizarre touches as well, not least the craziness in the car park at Nana's retirement home and all the old people lined up waiting at the door when we went to visit and do the family thing on the morning of the 25th.

Speaking of synchronicity, I'd stayed up late and had got up early (before the kids even) cos I wanted to finish this drawing while it was still in my head. It's a first stab at what I call a pscychocosmological map. Later on I discovered Rose had got me a book on imaginary maps that's going to be very useful indeed. She hadn't realised it, but it even had an essay on the maps of Arthur Ransome from the Swallows and Amazons books, which I've been getting into a lot recently.


paintergirl said...

Imaginary maps..very cool. Show us some drawings soon. Because of you I tried some watercolors tonight. And let me tell you, watercolors and I do not usually get along. A couple of things turned out nice.

David said...

Watercolours and I have our differences as well. I'm not really up to doing much drawing at the moment - my experiment at reducing the sedatives was an abject failure (bad timing). I will, however, endeavour to get something up soon. I'd very much like to see the things that turned out nice.

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