16 December 2005

Titahi Bay and environs

Looking back from left to right. Radio mast and Pauatahanui Inlet:

Porirua harbour and city:

Titahi Bay:

The olds' place is down there somewhere, a short walk from the beach. People drive their cars on to it, the boathouses seem to be more full of fridges of beer than boats, and at low tide you can see and stand on the petrified remains of a forest. The whole area's got an interesting history.


paintergirl said...

Petrified forest! That sounds pretty cool.
Started Swallows and Amazon. Wish I knew about it when I was a kid. Literature for children in the 20's is written better than today's contemporary for adults. I now know more about sailing than I have my entire life.

Keep soaking in the sun and rest.

David said...

Excellent. Glad you're enjoying it. I pretty much learnt to sail from that book.

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