09 December 2005


This one's in response to gothamimage's suggestion:

Pencil, pen, watercolour, and blood. It's all jiggly at the top cos I was holding it at the bottom above the scanner and my hands were shaking a lot. Fight the fockers with sorcery I reckon.


paintergirl said...

wow-that's pretty powerful imagery. I hope you really didn't cut your finger or something like that. The blood works, maybe you really chopped a head...

David said...

Pricked a finger (s'pose it should've been my thumbs). No big deal.

Glad it works.

Gothamimage said...

Wow indeed - I was expecting something more comic, or ironic maybe.

Every artists has his own vision - I was thinking more along the lines of the difference between the world reflected in Bush's speeches, the way people hear them casually, the way the real world is.

I guess my idea was not well thought out - Since you are over there, maybe the perspective changes. Probably.

When I read the President's speeches, I see a cartoon, featuring a posture of absurd rectitude, standing should to shoulder, if you will, with cliches as he does Battle, with Blair, against countless threats, except the precise one he is tasked with.

Gothamimage said...

I elaborate again, on your previous post, on my suggestion comments. Basically, powerful is correct, but I hope your vision is off. I don't see Bush in those stark terms. What do I know? I may not be picking up on things. Hopefully, your vision is skewed, for all of our sake. Ofcourse, that's not a judgement on the actual painting, just a hope that the world depicted, via studying the Presidents prepard speeches, is accurate or not. Which speeches did you look at? Best.

Just postes a comic dialogue on my blog - It tells no truths, but hopefully get a few laughs.

David said...

We're each the sum of our experiences.

I'm not giving any other details about this one away. It stands on its own.

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