29 September 2004


Rose has got Airport, so I'm no longer tied to my slow as dial-up connection. I might have to do some experiments to see how far it reaches - e.g. whether it gets down to the walkway. Be good to be able to sit down in the sun during summertime if it does.

I took some hideously overdue books back to the library after work today, and gave them their blood money to get my card working again. I've got some idiot's guide to Dreamweaver out and will have a go at revamping the old website.

27 September 2004


Maybe you need to've worked as an editor for the PCO to find this funny:

WELLINGTON (AFP) - New Zealand's lawmakers came up with a definition of the colon that will have dictionary founder Samuel Johnson turning in his grave while delighting the most pedantic.
Parliament is consolidating tax law and heard complaints from experts that they were uncertain what that particular punctuation mark meant in the proposed legislation.

Helpfully parliament's finance and expenditure select committee issued this guide:

"The colon is essentially intended to be interpreted as an indication that the statements in the items are not linked conjunctively or disjunctively, that is, it would not be appropriate to link them with either an 'and' or an 'or'," said the advice.

"In some instances, each statement in a list that is punctuated with colons may apply independently, without relying on the operation of the statements in the other items.

"If the items are statements representing pre-conditions for a statutory result, the effect of linking the items with colons is that the result will follow if one or more of the pre-conditions are satisfied.

"If such items were linked with 'and', the result would follow where all the items were satisfied. If the items were linked with 'or', the result would follow where only one item but no more than one item was satisfied."

Got that?

The Oxford Dictionary defines the colon as punctuation "to mark antithesis, illustration, quotation or listing."

Fowler's Modern English Usage provides a witty and small essay on the colon and defines its special function thus: "That of delivering the goods that have been invoiced in the preceding words."


I came home today to find that Rose had cleared out the garage while I was at work. I've now got a whole lot more room, which is really good. It means I can have a few more things on the go at once, and can even start to think about doing some big stuff.

I've also got to get round to updating my goddamn website. Pity I'm such a lazy sod.

25 September 2004

Something else to look at

23 September 2004


Oh yeah, Matt's got a flash new-look website. I'm resisting the temptation to be drawn into an arms' race. I'd only lose.

Not dead yet

Just a quick post to let you know I'm not dead yet. I've been going out fairly often and haven't had much of a chance to sit down at the old computer. I've got a ridiculous amount of email to troll through as well.

This has meant that you've been spared my highly detailed (not to mention witty, entertaining, and informative) comments on Jenin Jenin at the Date Palms Film Festival, the Rob McLeod opening, the Andrew McLeod opening (no relation), the silly cartoony drawings I've been doing, and sundry other things.

Oh well.

05 September 2004


I've had a fairly successful weekend. I've got my studio sorted out enough to work in, and now have five new Skeleton Guys in various stages of completion.

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