29 June 2006


Jo and Matt had a shindig on Saturday to celebrate heading off to Wangavegas. Note Rose's skelly guy in the background of the last one there.

26 June 2006

25 June 2006

All is explained

I knew there had to be a reason I enjoy reading books and looking at paintings so much - it seems doing so gives you an opiate fix.

22 June 2006

Oh happy day

Just found out the work I had in this show has sold.

20 June 2006

Something to go to

18 June 2006

And there's still more

Managed to smudge this one just after finishing it, but have decided not to care:

A stand-alone verson of this:

Something for Rose's birthday (which is tomorrow):

16 June 2006

Some more stupid pictures

Self-portrait as black magician:
Art is dead:

A stand-alone version of this:

Fun with scissors and glue - Self-portrait as dadaist:

12 June 2006

Pipe Liberation Front

11 June 2006

Strange weekend

The glorious weather has broken, and the wind and rain have returned like old friends. After a full on week, it's been a fairly strange weekend made up more of nights than days - odd snatches of sleep in between World Cup games (though I gave up in disgust after the England vs Paraguay debacle).

Last night we had an excellent PLF meeting. A bottle of port and three distinct but all excellent tobaccos to sample - pictures to come (that means you McFadgen).

I have done no work whatsoever. Have to make up for it next week.

08 June 2006


This total deadbeat loser left a comment here, and I just had to share.

07 June 2006

The great tradition of Western painting

It's good eh? I'm willing to bet it's a self-portrait no less.

06 June 2006

Some suitably stupid pictures

Self-portrait with time machine:

Black Bart (self-portrait as anarchist):

It probably helps if you know that my full name is David Charles Bartholomew Cauchi and that I went under the name 'Bart' for a portion of my misspent youth.

Day of the Beast

And what a beastly day it's been too. Worked a 10 hour day, over half of which was spent in a single meeting. Considering I've only been managing 10-12 hours a week recently, I reckon that's not bad going. Not too sure how I'll handle tomorrow though, which is shaping up to be fairly nightmarish as well.

Should probably be thinking about some rearrangements I think I need to make, but my brain's fried.

05 June 2006

This and that

There's something extremely pleasant about sitting reading detective novels of an evening with your feet stretched out in front of the fire while the wind howls and the rain hammers against the window. It blew itself out over the night and the sun is out now, but it's still cold.

Went to dinner to celebrate Mr Couper's 30th birthday on Saturday night. An excellent time was had by all. I was considering giving him Black Bart (self-portrait as anarchist) but decided on a copy of my reconstruction of Piero's Baptism that I cut out and stuck against some ripped pink paper. I thought it turned out pretty well.

As well as Black Bart, I've done a Self-portrait with time machine that I'm pretty happy with ('no self-portrait too stupid' is my motto). I completely stuffed up Art is dead though and will have to have another stab at it. I've also got a head of Piero drawn up and ready to go.
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