30 July 2010

Something in Wellington to go to

23 July 2010

Generic and specific art

We were 'close reading' a couple of texts in our theory class yesterday. One of them proposed using the term 'generic art' to refer to installation – generic as opposed to specific art, such as painting. I think it's a great term. You can imagine it in actual use:

A: 'So, do you want to go see some generic art?'
B: 'Nah, not really.'
A: 'No, me neither.'

Speaking of specific art, I've started a couple of paintings. It's a nice change from drawing. Not so sure about either of them yet, but we'll see how we go.

22 July 2010

Pipe convert

After I gave up cigarette smoking, I smoked cigars for a while. But that was stupidly expensive.

So I've been smoking a pipe. You've got to put up with a fair bit of comment, smoking a pipe. I've been laughed at by some young cunt in the smoking area out the back of the Bristol. But it's good. Very contemplative.

We've got a friend staying with us, and he's been giving up smoking cigarettes, and has adopted the pipe as an alternative.

Good work.

Jinx update: Immediately after posting this last night, I broke my pipe in half. My nice Maltese one.

17 July 2010

Rainy day viewing

A friend of mine sent me a link to some lectures that accompanied the Duchamp, Man Ray, Picabia show at Tate Modern.

I'm going to concentrate on Picabia for the research paper at school this semester. We have to give a seminar where we present three texts related to our research. I'm thinking a couple of texts by Picabia, and this.

09 July 2010

School once more

So the mid-year ceasefire is about to finish. Hostilities resume next week.

What a fucking waste of time.
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