30 April 2013

Oh well

I have recently thought to myself, 'I should probably update my blog with something other than silly photos and videos.' Then I sit there in front of a blank screen for a while, until I give it up as a bad job and watch Doctor Who instead.

Oh yes, I've been watching a lot of Doctor Who.

I've also been reading about John Heartfield, the photomonteur and famously angry person. Near the end of World War I, after a night out with his fellow Dadas drinking heavily and snorting cocaine, he 'became so unruly that we had to restrain him'. They tied him to a chair and then taunted and provoked him 'with words and blows', so they could enjoy the resulting tirade of rage.

The things you had to do to amuse yourself in war-torn Berlin!

When I recounted that anecdote to Rose, she said 'Ooh! Can we do that to you?'

23 April 2013

Serious Fall discussion

20 April 2013

The resurrection

Aaaaand we're back.

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