29 July 2006

And again

I've been a bit slack about updating my blog (not mention such other things as checking my email etc - but then that's just an exercise in deleting spam). Just got back from The new world, which though it looked really good was strangely unengaging.

I finally managed to redo the picture I'd stuffed up. I haven't been doing so well on the painting front. Partly it's cos I've been constantly ill for weeks now (due to my shall we say unsatisfactory living arrangements). Not good at all. Only got myself to blame though - what you get for not being right in the head and making stupid decisions. Also at the moment I'm trying to put the hours in at my job, cos being ill has meant I've not been earning much at all of late and it'd be nice to get on top of things. Didn't do too badly last week, especially at the start of it, though I pegged out at the end. Slept for about 18 hours last night.

Oh yeah, I managed to get told off at work last week - apparently some of the authors are scared of me. It's a dreadful state of affairs all round.

Quick update

Wednesday night was Who's Camus anyway?, which was good fun. It was kind of appropriately followed on Thursday by Regular lovers, which was fantastic. Long and slow, with some great shots - especially a static one of burning cars and barricades, people throwing Molotovs in the background, and two guys in motorbike helmets and leathers standing in the foreground watching, one with a loudhailer and revolver in his hands. Apart from that it was mostly people lying around smoking opium and hash while arguing about the revolution.

24 July 2006

Let's hear it for the vague blur!

What a fantastic evening it's been. Thomas K├Âner was great. Overlapping pictures slowly fading in and out accompanied by great looming oceanic waves of sound. Very meditative. Words are a poor tool indeed for describing visual sensations (ever read a halfway decent description of someone's face?), and I'm not even going to try.

A scanner darkly was great. Robert Downey Jr nailed Jim Barris. Worth seeing just for that. It looked really good, especially on the big Embassy screen. I believe it's got a fair number of bad reviews, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

In other news, I get to find out what inadvertantly putting your pipe through the washing machine does to it.

Film Fest

I emerged from hiding away from the world just in time. The annual film fest madness has begun again - though we're not going to as much as usual this year. I'm only going to 18.

The Gala Opening on Thursday was Tristram Shandy: A cock and bull story, which was actually Steve Coogan taking the piss of himself as a big star - very much like his turn in Coffee and cigarettes. Opening night proper was The wind that shakes the barley, which was a cheery Ken Loach film about the Irish civil war of the 20s. Yesterday we went to Sketches of Frank Gehry, which had far too many extreme close-ups and some funny exchanges where the film-maker and Gehry (who are old mates) compare notes on the creative process ("So do you ever accept jobs and then have no idea what you're going to do?" etc). This morning was Al Gore's An inconvenient truth, which was a cheery tale about global warming, and Shortbus, which was a comedy porn flick and very enjoyable.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow night. First up is the excellently named From the outskirts of nothing to the suburbs of the void, followed by A scanner darkly. Rock and roll.

I even managed to do a couple of pictures yesterday. It would've been three if I hadn't rushed the last one and stuffed it. That'll learn me.

16 July 2006

The exquisite corpse of the PLF

Ben did the top third, Steve the middle, and I the bottom:

12 July 2006


Been feeling reasonably crappy ever since I forgot to take my nutter pills one day last week. I've been lying round slowly making my way through Real Spaces: World Art History and the Rise of Western Modernism, broken up with Philip K Dick novels (ahead of A Scanner Darkly at the old Film Fest), and not producing anything at all. Not likely to once the film madness hits neither.

03 July 2006

Something to go to

Liz Maw has a show opening at Peter McLeavey's on Wednesday.

Yet more shameless self-promotion

I've joined ArtRemains and am slowly sticking stuff up. I like the site's concept. Good old notional independent states - if I had my way there'd be 6 billion odd of them.

02 July 2006

Image is virus

Word is image

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