28 November 2004

More One Eye pics

Rose has put up some more pics from Jo, Sandra, Matt, and Stephen's show at One Eye.

27 November 2004


Those crazy cats at Bletchley Park have had a go at cracking a mid-18th century esoteric code.

20 November 2004

Pics, pics, pics...

Russ, Schmidt, Couper, Clover at One Eye in Paekak:

It's not really representative cos I ran out of room on my phone, goddamnit. Rose got some more but.

19 November 2004

Slack bastard

Yeah, so I've been pretty slack. The last month or so has been pretty full on in all sorts of different ways, and is only going to get worse in the immediate future. Goddamn.

I've managed to put a comic together somehow during it all, which I'll have to slap up on the website at some stage, and I've also embarked on some bigger Skeleton Guys:

It's a metre by 80 centimetres - the biggest so far. Yep, that is a ladder with some nails in it propped up against the wall it's on. This state of affairs's days are numbered however. I've arranged to borrow a proper easel from a friend who's quit her job to piss off overseas for an indeterminate amount of time.

04 November 2004


Andrew McLeod won the drawing award. His drawing's a good one all right. I'm looking forward to seeing the catalogue that's part of prize.

03 November 2004

Good one yanks

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