27 June 2005

Confessions of a crap artist

I try not to let the fact that I can't paint slow me down, but this six canvas thing has been giving me gyp. I think I should've put some figures in.

Rather than do that now though, I'm going to sit on 'em for a while and do some more of these ink drawings. I want a continuous row of them, maybe six as well.

21 June 2005

Note for Kurt who sent me an email

I just tried replying but your email addy was rejected.

Blither blither

I was feeling a lot better yesterday and now have another deck of cards and six more canvases gessoed up. Two of those six are to finish off a UFO-shaped multicanvas thing I've been working on. The others will be diptychs.

I got all of three hours sleep last night. I think it was the prospect of going back to work today. Now I'm paranoid that I won't sleep again tonight. There's nothing worse than lying awake watching the numbers change on the clock. I had fairly full on insomnia for yonks when I was younger, but then it went away - I had thought forever.

It was, of course, Rose's birthday yesterday, and we went out for dinner at Ford's, which is on Tinakori Rd. It was very nice.

18 June 2005

Yeah yeah

So it's been a while since I've posted anything. I've been pretty ill off and on for quite a while now and consequently haven't been very productive - well, at all actually. I've mostly been wrapped up in front of the fire reading books and watching flicks, with some silly computer games thrown in for good measure. It's all a bit depressing really.

As well as not getting any work done I've also missed a couple of things I'd have liked to go along to. I've also failed to get Rose a present, and it's her birthday tomorrow.

In other news, there's been quite a bit of amusement to be had from the et al at Venice palaver. There was quite a bit of coverage in the local rag, which makes a change. Usually all we get on the visual arts is a crap Mark Amery article once a week.

06 June 2005

Drinks are postponed

There seem to be some technical problems with Drinks After Work (for obvious reasons I'm not going to link to it), but I'm pretty sure they'll be resolved shortly.

In the meantime, you could always try this game.

02 June 2005


I normally avoid the political blogs (which reminds me that I need to tidy up the links on the right - get rid of the ones I don't actually use any more), but I make an exception for No Right Turn.

I found a link there to this crazy US christian fundamentalist site that lists what they reckon to be the 10 most harmful books of the last two centuries.

Basically it seems they object to science and rationalism and, like the new pope and postmodernist academics (and their camp followers), would like to end the Enlightenment. All these pesky people thinking for themselves and rejecting authority, look what the world's come to...

So I'm slow

I've just discovered Natural Selection - an Auckland-based Australasian art review magazine distributed online. It seems to have more NZ content than Australian. I might try submitting something, though I have no idea what.

Oh, and I'm very disappointed that no-one has pointed out that the picture of a supposedly full deck of cards only has 51 cards instead of 52.

01 June 2005

Another cards pic

The full deck:

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