23 October 2004

Illuminati Guys

I dusted off the Illuminati Guys for my drawing award entry. I noticed that the shows they have for it are opening on 2 November, the same date as the US presidential election (though of course we're most of a day ahead of the yanks), so I couldn't resist. Here's the first draft (I was stupid enough to send off the proper one without keeping a copy):

As you can see on the left, I've also done another page, as well as a similar one of Skeleton Guys. I sat up till about half three this morning playing around with some Te Kooti stuff, but it didn't work out too well. We'll get there.

Hunter S tells it like it is

Fear and loathing 2004 style.

17 October 2004

Some people have too much time on their hands

The Bible in Lego.

Mucking about

I've been playing around with my website. I've added a couple of paintings (old ones though not new ones) and a few more NZ art-related links.

I'm also thinking about what to enter into the new drawing award Artspace and the Physics Room have started up. I was thinking of one of the Skeleton Guys on paper (which I happily define as both painting and drawing), but I think I'll go with a more jokey option.

09 October 2004

Ben's new camera

We went up to Palmy to go to Peter Ireland's opening at Thermostat last night, went out for dinner after, and then drove to Carterton to stay at Ben and Ang's. This morning he showed me his new camera. It's bloody huge.

06 October 2004

Getting sorted

The link to Ben's catalogue seems to work now. I've just got to persuade Rose to do me a new .pdf of the other one and we're in bizzo. The changes were made to the imposed version you see.

Yeah okay

So I completely fucked it up. The link to Ben's's bust, and the other's the wrong version and black and white. That's what you get trying to do something while poisoned.

(I'm pretty pleased with that double pos s. I've never had call for one before.)

05 October 2004

And another one

I've put a .pdf of the catalogue Matt and I did up as well. It's black and white at the moment but will be colour soon.

Predictions, premonitions, and other white lies

I've added a link to a .pdf of one of Ben's catalogues, which includes an essay I wrote, to the paintings page.

03 October 2004

Not that far after all

Oh well, the Airport doesn't reach that far. It seems fine inside the house, but I couldn't connect when sitting in the sun out the back. I haven't tried any of the balconies but.

02 October 2004

Started updating

I've played around with the painting pages as a first step to updating the website. The new arrangement has the great advantage of being seven separate pages instead of about 50 million. I've removed the links to photos but the photo pages still remain, so the links in previous blog posts should still work.

I've also added a new link to the blog links on the right there.
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