27 October 2007

Day of the dead

It's a bit early, but the olds had a day of the dead celebration this evening, complete with altar of photos of dead ancestors and cats.

26 October 2007

Something in Auckland to go to

24 October 2007

Andy's wall drawing

It turned out all right, eh? The opening was fun. I'd been drinking beer in the sun since one in the afternoon and so was pretty trolleyed. There were lots of people there – and lots of wine of course. My contribution to the drawing was a pile of cigarette butts:

16 October 2007

Something else in Wellington to go to

Andrew McLeod is doing a wall drawing up at the Adam. It opens on Friday, along with a Piranesi show.

Until then, you can always listen to the latest piece of terminal cultiness: Barge.

08 October 2007

Fifth instalment

Here's a link to the fourth instalment. When we last saw our heroes, they'd just capped off a successful speaking tour of Europe by recruiting Leonardo da Vinci. Clink on a pic to see it full size.

03 October 2007

Sound familiar?

We’re struck by the acrobatic, even magical qualities of agency ascribed to contemporary art by its press releases and reviews. We read about works that blur the distinction between high and low or simultaneously enhance and challenge the viewer’s perception of public space, question notions of authenticity or defamiliarize conventional understandings of authorship. Given the seeming inexhaustibility of the actions a work of art can perform it is strange that none are said to safely simulate a critique, inflate the value of a portfolio, exploit a subculture, or complement a decorating scheme.

- Paper Monument

02 October 2007

Go slow

Time is an illusion, a side-effect of consciousness.

I'm going very slowly on the old graphic novel at the moment. Up till now it's pretty much been writing itself, but now I've got everything in place and need to decide where to from here. I know where I want to get to. I'm just not quite sure how to get there.
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