30 December 2006

A quick note

If you've seen Rose's latest post, you'll know we've split up. I'm staying with my parents briefly until I get sorted.

25 December 2006


20 December 2006

19 December 2006

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3

16 December 2006

Quote of the day

The ultimate disappointment? When the illusion that one is free of illusion reveals itself as such. (The most oppressive manoeuvre of vanity: making oneself out to be more stupid and bad than one would like to be in order to indulge the vanity of not being vain. Fails miserably.)


One should begin at long last to speak out against oneself! One should begin!! One!! (For a long time now I have, in quiet hours, been spitting on my own head ... Oh, I don't give a damn about ... Yes, about what? ...)

- Dr Walter Serner

10 December 2006

The opening

The opening was fun. Lots of people made the trip up from Wellers - and Wangas and the 'Rapa - which made a huge difference. All the difference. I think everybody enjoyed themselves. I certainly did. I even sold six works. I've updated my website with some proper installation shots. We forgot to take any photos during the opening until just before those who hadn't left to make the return trip went for dinner, but here are some of what we did get:

09 December 2006


07 December 2006

Punk rock

My friend Stephen played the other night - during which I yelled some useful suggestions.

05 December 2006


04 December 2006


The Barrs have started blogging.

Artbash site down

The Artbash site's been down for a week or so. Check out what's replaced the error page. Very funny.
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