29 November 2005

A few more tweaks

I've sussed out how to email posts. I've changed the date format from the barbaric American system to the proper logical one and've added a couple more links to the right there (funnily enough, they're both Yanks, but it's sweet as - they both seem cool).

Update: Okay, added another link to balance things up a tad (this one's from Denmark no less). I need to learn some new languages. Being a monoglot's getting me down. Nahuatl'd be good.

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Lilly said...

Cheers, David -- I'll be sure to set up an electronic hook from my blog right back to your wonderful place here -- pronto ;-)

By the way, you probably speak more Danish than you realise -- check my entry today
[Dec 2] at 6.33PM!

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