11 December 2009

Who gives a shit

One thing about being a mentally unstable nihilist who drinks and smokes, well, some people would say too much, but I think not enough, fuck, where am I, oh yeah, drink and smoke a lot, should I have another now, I wonder, no, David, get back to what you were saying, that's right, the benefit of being a cunt is that you don't have to make small talk with other cunts if you don't want to.

In fact, I've alienated a whole lot of people. Some would say, and have done, 'oh no, you've alienated another erstwhile friend', and I say, 'good'.

There's a really good line talking about erstwhile friends, 'When I've smoked a cigarette, I'm not in the habit of keeping the butts.'

No points for guessing who that was.

Right, where was I? Oh, that's right, drinking and smoking some more.

You think this blog's entertaining? Fucking hell.

Ha ha fucking ha.

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