31 August 2007

Stupid shit

I thought this was my most hated johnny-come-lately NZ arts blog, but it turns out it's first equal with this one.

I don't know the Barrs personally, and they could well be nice people, but everything I know about them gives me the shits. You can see why from their blog (linked to above). The other one, the anonymous blogger who doesn't allow comments, is just wrong for that very reason.


s. said...

Have you seen this one.

David Cauchi said...

Yeah, I have. I really dislike anonymous bloggers.

Part of it is that, if you don't think enough of your opinion to put your name to it, why should I care?

Another part is that it's one-way communication. They set themselves up in an unassailable position of power, with no transparency or accountability.

It's simply not an intellectually or morally respectable position to take.

Anonymous said...

Oooohh you must hate mine then :-) I only blog anonymously to partially hide from my online stupidity. Mind you I usually divulge my identity via email if asked

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