29 June 2010

Jesus Motherfuck

I've just redone a couple of pictures the cat destroyed the other night. The other couple will have to do as is.

Fuck man, drawing is fun and all, but redoing them isn't. It's both disheartening and stressful. I really liked the originals, and I'm far from sure that the new ones are ok.

I'd much rather be doing new ones.


s. said...

Oh, I know this one! I've had this before and if I may be so bold.. you're going to have to let go of the idea that you need to recreate the original ones, and take the approach that you will create new similar drawings.

As the wiseperson said, you can never go home again.

l said...

lets see what mr bosley did. how bad can it be? or have you thrown them away already?

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