14 June 2010

School's out (and Doctor Who's in)

So we handed in the rest of our stuff for school last week. Then we had some drinks. Now we're on a break until mid-July some time. This is good, as it gives me a chance to get stuck into doing some drawings, on which front I've been a bit lax of late.

I'd like to say it's all school's fault, but I can't. It's mostly school's fault.

Anyway, enough of these fripperies, on to something much more important: Doctor Who.

I'm loving this new series, loving it quite a lot. The actor is brilliant, and the stories have been consistently good, except for the Dalek one. How they managed to fuck up such a great concept as Churchill enlisting the Daleks to fight the Nazis is beyond me, but they did.

The episode that played on Sunday was a particular highlight, managing to be both creepy and funny. And the TARDIS covered with ice looked pretty spectacular.

Whacking zombie pensioners with a 4x2, and knocking them off the roof with a lamp? Great stuff. Plus there were some very good lines, especially the one about 'If we have to die, at least we can go out looking like a Peruvian folk trio'.

Oh, and Vincent van Gogh shows up in a couple of weeks.

Doctor Who!

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